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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

We have developed a precautionary risk management system in response to the outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) that is regularly monitored and reviewed.

Precautionary Measures

Everyone in the business has access to Personal Protective Equipment that is stored centrally at the office. This includes a stock of disposable face masks, gloves, antibacterial hand gel, antibacterial wipes, overshoes and visors.

Everyone in the business has been advised to use disposable gloves and/or keep anti-bacterial hand sanitiser gel amongst their person and this instruction continues. Everyone must also keep a stock of face coverings (disposable or reusable) for use when working in close contact with others or where specified by clients and/or Government advice. Anti-bacterial wipes are used for cleaning down of equipment prior to installation and after testing.

As always, we are reminded that regular washing of hands with warm soapy water for at least 20 seconds before and after eating, after handling new equipment or tools and after using the WC is best practice in reducing the risk of spreading bacteria or disease.

Should any member of our team start to display the symptoms of COVID-19 stated by Department of Health, they must contact the office or a member of the management team to advise symptoms. They must then follow the current advice from the Department of Health on what actions to take next.

Where possible, we will minimise contact with others on site in line with recommendations on social distancing aiming to stay 1 metre away from others.

This procedure and precautionary methods are reviewed and assessed alongside UK Dept of Health recommendations as the situation evolves.

Office –COVID Secure

We have completed a COVID Secure risk assessment at the Office and have implemented measures to reduce the risk of infection and spread. Our Office is not currently accessible to unscheduled visitors. Please contact office@nationwidefands.co.uk if you would like to arrange a meeting via conference call, video call or off-site in the short term future.

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Plan

Nationwide Fire & Security (UK) Ltd have a robust business continuity & disaster recovery plan that is updated at least every 12 months. This plan highlights the current provisions and contingencies should various situations occur that would have an impact on our day to day business operation (eg adverse weather, arson, terror attack, epidemic). A copy of this plan is available upon request.

Version 1.4 Last updated on 02-Nov-2020

Procedural Review –PPM Servicing

As many businesses, schools and retailers re-open and adopt the “new normal” we have also reviewed and adapted our procedures.

Should any areas be inaccessible during the next planned visit to site, they will be recorded on engineer dockets and will not be revisited until the next scheduled PPM attendance.

Where access is required within occupied bedrooms, we will request that the room is vacated during our attendance and windows opened for ventilation, where possible. Should any rooms be occupied by persons displaying COVID-19 symptoms or with a confirmed case of COVID-19, Site Managers are asked to communicate this to our engineers so the rooms can be recorded as inaccessible areas to minimise the risk of infection and further spread. Again, this will be detailed on engineer dockets.

The PPM servicing of Portable Extinguishers, Emergency Lights and AOV (Smoke Vents) will continue as usual.

Should any areas be inaccessible during the next planned visit to site, they will be recorded on engineer dockets and will not be revisited until the next scheduled PPM attendance.

Manufacturer & Distributor Stock Levels

We increased our normal stock levels of the most commonly used Hochiki and Gent Honeywell fire alarm equipment by 30% at our central storeroom in the West Midlands at the start of the pandemic and have continued to keep ample supplies.

We keep in regular contact with suppliers and manufacturers for updates on extended lead times or stock levels and thus far have seen minimal disruption to normal service.

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